Gathering in Circle ~ Growing From Our Roots

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Gathering in Circle ~ Growing From Our Roots

Tuesday 3rd Sept 7pm - 8.30pm UK ~ As more and more of us find our way into offering our gifts out into the world, whether this is to our immediate families, our wider communities or a global platform; it becomes increasingly clear how vital it is to be in a constant conscious connection with the deepest part of ourselves. The part that continually nourishes, energises and literally breathes life into us.

In our September Gathering in Circle call ‘Growing from our Roots’ we will be experientially exploring the direct correlation between offering ourselves out and being received by the world and the need to reach deep down inside of ourselves to our deepest roots so that we may receive the nourishment and holding that is constantly available to us from Life itself.

All of us are at different stages on the journey with this inner essential dynamic, for some of us this connection is a new discovery, for others there is a well worn path of connection and for others it is hard to remember a time when this was not our way of being. Wherever you feel yourself to be in this process of connection with yourself, you are so welcome to take your seat in our TreeSisters circle of Sisterhood and it will be our pleasure to gather with you all

To join the call, you need to be on this mailing list: Please note that if you have already signed up to these New Moon calls or the Full Moon calls you do not need to sign up again.

We cannot wait for you to join us on: Tuesday 3rd September 2019
At: 7pm UK

We will start with our usual forest floor style of connection meditation and then take a journey into our own experience of offering ourselves out whilst simultaneously receiving support in, and there will be a chance to share your reflections and experiences should you wish.

If you are not able to join the live call we can send you a recording of the session as long as you are registered to receive our New Moon emails: