Living Your Light ~ The Gathering to Shine

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Living Your Light ~ The Gathering to Shine

13th November 2019 Living Your Light ~ The Gathering to Shine

Living Your Light ~ The Gathering to Shine

You are invited to our Inner Journey of Awakening live call at the time of the full moon. These live calls are hosted by Clare Dubois, TreeSisters CEO and Founder.

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The Inner Journey is a course that is designed to be an empowering journey into the embodiment of your gifts. This course allows you to step into your own feminine energy in service to self, life and the planet. At the heart of the journey is an embodied experience that is designed to help us shift beyond our limitations and into pleasure and flow. It’s time to liberate our life force and rediscover our magnificence. With the support of the full moon, we step into sacred togetherness to discover moment by moment what is possible.

Ultimately the work of TreeSisters is to help humanity shift from a consumer species to a restorer species; the Inner Journey is a part of that shift.

This month we journey through to Shine.

What does it mean to allow your own light to shine? How intimate can you be with the subtle luminosity that sings within your cells? This meeting is a softening, an allowing, and a celebration of the beauty and brilliance within each of us. This is showing ourselves to sky, to forest, to earth, making peace with the natural power that we have and our longing to be given in our gifts. This is a practice of no longer withholding or doubting, letting go of being held back and allowing the river of your own being to carry you into deeper relationship with the light that you are in this world...

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The Inner Journey of Awakening is hosted online, free and can be worked through at your own pace. You are welcome to step into this sisterhood at any time. Alternatively, you are very welcome to join in just for the full moon meditation.

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