With Guest Speakers:

Merit Jensen Carr Executive Producer, Merit Motion Pictures
Jeff McKay Director/ Camera/ Editor and Co-Producer: Edgeland Films Inc.
Catriona Mac Gregor Author, Conservationist and Scientist
Chad Hanson, Ph.D Director and Principal Ecologist

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Watch the Live Panel Q&A

TreeSisters collaborated with Merit Motion Pictures to bring you a very special Valentine's week. As part of this celebration of our love for the forests, you’re invited to watch the replay of a live Q&A Zoom call that happened on the 18th of February that focused on the impacts of wildfires on the global forest. This is your chance to learn first hand from forest experts, in conversation with Merit Jensen-Carr - executive producer of Call of the Forest, Jeff McKay - filmmaker, and Pollyanna Darling of TreeSisters. Our forest experts are Catriona MacGregor - conservationist and scientist, and Chad Hanson - ecologist and co-founder of the John Muir project.

Meet the Speakers

Merit Jensen Carr
Executive Producer, Merit Motion Pictures

Merit Motion Pictures is one of Canada’s leading producers of documentaries. Passionate about creating films that enlighten, inform and inspire, Merit has won dozens of international awards including a prestigious Humanitas Award for films of humanitarian significance.

Most notably, she produced the 4x1hr One Ocean series and interactive website with CBC’s The Nature of Things, National Geographic International and Discovery Channel. One Ocean tells the story of the world’s ocean from its early beginnings to dire predictions for its future. The series and its ambitious interactive website have won numerous international awards and screened at festivals around the world.


Jeff McKay
Director/ Camera/ Editor and Co-Producer: Edgeland Films Inc.

My first ‘encounter’ with Diana Beresford-Kroeger was a radio interview I happened upon while running errands one morning. I had never heard anyone talk about trees the way she did. She shone a light on each value of a tree. And as it turned out – for more than three years, I worked to create the film, ‘Call Of The Forest – The Forgotten Wisdom Of Trees’. After making many films since 1985, the experience of working with Diana on this film has been a truly gratifying one and that I’ve really cherished. I wish to personally thank everyone who participated in the making of Call Of The Forest and to my production partner Merit Jensen-Carr who has been steadfast in her support. Our production has been so fortunate to find like-minded creative collaborators and broadcasters.

Catriona MacGregor

Catriona MacGregor, J.D., M.S., R.M.A., is an award winning conservationist and scientist whose coastal program led to the come back of an endangered species. She has launched environmental initiatives in the US and internationally.

Catriona MacGregor, has been a voice for animals and wild places all of her life. She is a bridge builder between people and Nature, helping people understand their profound connection to Nature and the Earth as it relates to their own well being and, ultimately, the fate of humankind

Catriona is the award winning author of "Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path ot ReConnecting to the Earth”, previously the founder of Nature Quests and Resilient Forests and is now the Executive Director of WellKind, leading their sustainable forestry program.


Chad Hanson, Ph.D
Director and Principal Ecologist

Chad Hanson co-founded the John Muir Project in 1996. He first became involved in national forest protection after hiking the 2,700-mile length of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada with his older brother in 1989. During this hike he witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by rampant commercial logging on our National Forests in California, Oregon and Washington.

Chad finished his Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA after completing the Pacific Crest Trail and then attended law school at the University of Oregon, during which time he also began his career as an environmental advocate working for Native Forest Council and volunteering for the Sierra Club. Chad earned his law degree in 1995, and started the John Muir Project shortly thereafter.

Hosted by Pollyanna Darling

TreeSisters holds a piece of Pollyanna's heart and she has been involved since it was a tiny seed. She volunteered for TreeSisters for 7 years before stepping into the core team. She is committed to playing her part in bringing our beautiful Earth back to thriving. Pollyanna has a project management and systems background, an entrepreneurial spirit, and also spent many years helping women live from their deepest wells of courage and have significant impact on the future of our planet.

Pollyanna is also a mother of four boys, award-winning author, singer, passionate Earthlover, women's empowerment facilitator, and loud laugher.

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