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Alone, a woman is a force of Nature. Together, with conscious intent, shared purpose and the desire to embody the fullest expression of all that we are - we can transform the face of our world.” ~ Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters


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Something different becomes possible when women gather consciously in deep presence with each other…

What are the Full Moon Gatherings?

The Full Moon Gatherings are an invitation to join treesisters all around the world as we step into circle every full moon, to explore the revelations and reawakenings that are possible through our togetherness.  


Why do we gather?

Women need each other more than ever before, as we follow the call to step into leadership. Moments of deep nourishment and mutual support are vital. These live calls draw us back into the nature of our bodies so that we can become a force of Nature of behalf of Nature.  


You're Invited...

Our Full Moon Gatherings are virtual, so you can attend them from wherever you are. Everyone is welcome as we weave our global sisterhood together. Simply sign up to receive e-mail reminders with details on how you join live. If you can't attend on the day we will also send a recording afterwards.

Come join us…

 When Goddesses Gather

'When a thousand goddesses gather, the Divine Feminine Herself shall rebirth through their combined energies'

~Tibetan Buddhist myth ~

Are you ready to unleash your brilliance, creativity and generosity on behalf of life?


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What Women are Saying...

"This has rooted me more deeply in the soil of my life, strengthened my gratitude and awe of nature and highlighted the importance of tending my relationship and communication with the natural world. It has really reminded me how deeply thankful I am to be a woman at this time and how nourishing and strong it feels to be held in a community of women. It feels like having been lost and finding the way home."

~ Jenni Olerhead

"Before TreeSisters I was tired of witnessing the destruction of the magnificent planet and home we’ve be given, that sustains us and gives us life. I was tired of watching trees being systemically clear cut all over the world, including right here in my own local neighborhood... And I was tired of feeling helpless, hopeless, and most truly like there was nothing I could do... Today I feel inspired, empowered and joyful to be part of the TreeSisters community. Gone is the fear, the hopelessness, the helplessness I once felt. In its place lives excitement, awe and deep connection to my feminine soul and the feminine soul of the world. Through TreeSister’s monthly online gatherings and teachings, I can see that the potential to expand this work and movement into local areas as well, to reforest our earth and also our fierce and feminine hearts, is limitless and profound."

~ Alexa Major

"I spent most of my adult life (until I moved to the Sierra Nevada for a yr and walked the woods each night there) praying to die. Now I know why those prayers went unanswered. TreeSisters and this inner journey has delivered me -- and literally every luminous thread of revelation, every prayer, every aspiration I ever had for myself and the planet -- into grounded hope. It has reactivated and unleashed the energies of the Deep, Cosmic, Ever- Birthing Feminine, delivered me back to that as the root of my being, and opened the possibility for its realization like nothing I have ever done before. It is the culmination, convergence, and confirmation of everything my life has been about."

~ Ann Shannon

"Something in me was looking for this, but didn't know what form it would come in. Somewhere to pray, grieve, create for and heal our beloved earth and one another, somewhere with that depth of devotion and sharing. That longing and ache was in me, maybe we were calling each other. Now I feel a deepening relationship of love with Gaia - one that I was longing for, and have found a community of sisters rooted in the forest floor where we belong, in womb consciousness."

~ Rachel Caddick