Full Moon Gatherings
The Embodied Forest Meditations

The Embodied Forest Meditation series continues… 

Join us each full moon for an Embodied Forest Meditation. These live, guided meditations take you on a journey through the forest, inhabiting the diversity of life, learning from it as it constantly shifts and changes, creating a natural balance of harmony.  

Each month is your opportunity to gather, slow down and listen. These meditations are an audio-only experience allowing you to drop into and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Unite globally and join us as we create poetry together from our interactions with life in the forest. 

Our next call is Thursday the 11th of August at 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT and 7 pm BST/UK.

August: The Fruits, Nuts and Flowers

Life continues to unfold within and around us as we explore the embodied forest. August connects us with the unique expression of beauty that is us, the unfurling of flowers, and the shameless visibility of becoming. How are you in service to the beauty within your life and community? Let's explore together what unapologetic expression could look like. 

Pause under the fullness of the moon on the 11th of August for the fifth in this series of monthly meditation gatherings. Join us as we feel our belonging in the forest, in our bodies, and together in community. 

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About Your Facilitator Abi Denyer-Bewick

Abi is a passionate advocate for cyclical living and all things seasonal. She brings her embodied intuitive wisdom to her work with women, inspiring them to reclaim their power around their health and the choices available to them. She brings her embodied intuitive wisdom to her work with people, gently inspiring them to move towards greater intimacy with themselves and their quiet longings. 

Becoming a body poet brought Abi back to the simplicity of her essence, holding a space for people that is kind and welcoming of whatever is present, even when sometimes what is present might feel full of paradox, confusion and fogginess. Everything is welcome. 
Abi remains convinced that everything we do in life can be improved by slowing down, breathing and listening to the wisdom held in the body.

Do I donate to join the series?

We sincerely appreciate your support! 

Donations for these calls are entirely voluntary.  These gatherings are part of the work that TreeSisters does to shift consciousness around the world and help people reconnect with Nature. Humanity needs behavioural change on a large scale to tackle the climate crisis. Your financial support enables us to keep doing this. 

Thank you!

Is there another way to connect?

Yes. TreeSisters is a global network, and we are available through many avenues. Along with our newsletter and social media accounts that can all be accessed at the top left of all our website pages, we also have our online community, the Nest. The Nest has many avenues for discovery and learning, including a closed group called the Forest Floor Sisterhood. You can sign up for your free Nest account here

"The inspirational, true togetherness and Sisterhood of the Nest... where mutual respect and supporting each other feels as a warm blanket... I love the Beauty of co-creation and the intention of taking care of our Mother Earth and the next generations in so many different creative ways." ~ Angelique Boas