Full Moon ~ Return to Wholeness
 A six month series of body-based, healing journeys rooted
in our inner elements and landscapes.

Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful inner journey…
Change is happening all around us and within us, it can be hard to stay centred, to stay clear and to stay soft and open enough to hear the voices of our bodies. We need to listen to our inner voices to know how best to care for ourselves and for our world. Our bodies ARE the world and they are talking to us all the time. 

From July through to December, the Full Moon calls will journey into wholeness using the gifts of embodied listening. These gatherings will travel through the elements, the directions and specific parts of the body as we open to the qualities of groundedness, creativity, forgiveness, spaciousness, kindness and harmony. This is a journey towards wholeness; deepening relationships with different aspects of ourselves and our nature so that we can find our ease and clarity amongst the chaos of our world.

Our next call is Wednesday 20 October at 11 AM PDT, 2 PM EDT and 7 PM BST/UK

Continuing the journey, we’re taking our roots, our passionate fiery bellies and our fluidity into the vast open space of the sky, mirrored by the many spaces inside our physical form, within cells, between cells. Space for the breath, for the ebb and flow of air.


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Why attend these calls?

Gathering is a strengthening practice of mutual supportiveness that can help us to drop the distractions that prevent us from listening. Body poems are a collective prayer for our own healing that are potent, beautiful, nourishing and that arise out of us all as a collective weaving that very literally encodes our nervous systems with the nurturing energies needed to replenish and restore us into our centres.

Come if you want to use the amplified energies provided by the moon, the tides and conscious togetherness, to soothe, support and ground yourself into healing, self-appreciation and greater personal clarity.

Remembering the Fluid Body ~ September 2021


Connecting to Our Core ~ August 2021


Rooting Into Ourselves ~ June 2021

About Your Facilitator Abi Denyer-Bewick

Abi is a passionate advocate for cyclical living and all things seasonal. She brings her embodied intuitive wisdom to her work with women, inspiring them to reclaim their power around their own health and the choices available to them. She brings her embodied intuitive wisdom to her work with people, gently inspiring them to move towards a greater intimacy with themselves and their quiet longings. 

Becoming a body poet brought Abi back to the simplicity of her essence, holding a space for people that is kind and welcoming of whatever is present, even when sometimes what is present might feel full of paradox, confusion and fogginess. Everything is welcome. 
Abi remains convinced that everything we do in life can be improved by slowing down, breathing and listening to the wisdom held in the body.

Do I donate to join the series?

If you value what we offer then we would sincerely appreciate your support! Reciprocity with Nature and balancing taking with giving, is the soul and purpose of TreeSisters. 

Donations for these calls are entirely voluntary. Whatever you give we will turn into tropical trees, directly supporting the lives of critically poor people at the coal face of climate change whilst contributing to our campaigning and feminine empowerment work. You get to make a real difference. Thank you!

Is there another way to connect?

Yes. TreeSisters is a global sisterhood and we are immediately available to you through our online community, the Nest. In the Nest, there are many avenues for discovery and learning, including a closed group called the Forest Floor Sisterhood where we bring our deep sharings and experiences into safe harbour.

To enter the Forest Floor in the Nest, you can sign up for your free Nest account here. Once you’re in, click this link to go directly to the Forest Floor Sisterhood group. Alternatively, once you are in the Nest, click on Groups (left hand menu) and navigate to the Forest Floor Sisterhood group.

"The inspirational, true togetherness and Sisterhood of the Nest... where mutual respect and supporting each other feels as a warm blanket... I love the Beauty of co-creation and the intention of taking care of our Mother Earth and the next generations in so many different creative ways." ~ Angelique Boas