Full Moon Meditations
Relating with the Living World

Join our next live guided meditation on Wednesday, the 7th of December

December - Our Insect Friends 

This month, we use the full moon's light to creep, crawl, scuttle and fly into the world of insects. You are invited to enter these often overlooked or misunderstood communities with whom we share a planet.

Appreciating their intelligence and complexity, discover how we can live more harmoniously and relate to this vast array of tiny lives with reverence and respect. You can sign up below.

A 6-month series of Full Moon Meditations: Relating with the Living World

This is a series of live full-moon meditations and co-creative poetry practices to reconnect us with the natural world and remind us of the importance of living in harmony with all.

Following our Embodied Forest series, this 6-month journey of full moon meditations will connect us to the whole web of life. Join us as we journey beyond the human experience, and recognise the importance of life rooted in reciprocity rather than domination. 

Each month is your opportunity to gather, slow down and reconnect. These meditations are an audio-only experience allowing you to drop into and fully immerse yourself in the experience.

You can listen to the last series, The Embodied Forest, here.

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About Your Facilitator Abi Denyer-Bewick

Abi is a passionate advocate for cyclical living and all things seasonal. She brings her embodied intuitive wisdom to her work with women, inspiring them to reclaim their power around their health and the choices available to them. She brings her embodied intuitive wisdom to her work with people, gently inspiring them to move towards greater intimacy with themselves and their quiet longings. 

Becoming a body poet brought Abi back to the simplicity of her essence, holding a space for people that is kind and welcoming of whatever is present, even when sometimes what is present might feel full of paradox, confusion and fogginess. Everything is welcome. 
Abi remains convinced that everything we do in life can be improved by slowing down, breathing and listening to the wisdom held in the body.

Do I donate to join the series?

We sincerely appreciate your support! 

Donations for these calls are entirely voluntary. These gatherings are part of the work that TreeSisters does to shift consciousness around the world and help people reconnect with Nature. Humanity needs behavioural change on a large scale to tackle the climate crisis. Your financial support enables us to keep doing this. 

Thank you!