TreeSisters Full
Moon Meditations


We’re so glad that you’re here!  May this be the beginning of a beautiful inner journey...

TreeSister Full Moon calls are 45 minute to 1 hour meditative journeys into deep relaxation, Nature connection, mutual support and nourishment.  They are themed. They are virtual (online or phone). They are potent, unique, beautiful, by voluntary donation, open to everyone (all genders) and also available to listen to after the event. They are hosted by Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters.

These calls are one of the ways in which we tend and grow our global network who are funding the planting of over 2 million trees a year.

Our next call is 24 June, 2021 at 11am PDT/ 2pm EDT/ 7PM BST / 4AM AEST (next day).

Details will be coming.

Heart Light....
May's Replay

This full moon we are falling into the light of our own hearts, exploring reverence and love as a path to healing. Love is an act of allowing, an extension of inner beauty and an offering given in tenderness.

This is a chance to bring your energies back into coherence, to transcend chaos and to touch simplicity. It will be a simple practice rooted in inner light, breath and relaxation. It will be personal, gentle and yours.

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Photo by Clare Dubois

Why do we gather?

  • To receive the deep nourishment and support of a global sisterhood
  • To reclaim our centre, stillness, clarity and connection amidst the increasing chaos
  • To focus consciously on saying yes to ourselves and listening to our inner knowing
  • To experience the nature of our own bodies, as the body of Nature
  • To give to ourselves in a way that also restores the global forest
  • Because at Full Moon Nature's energies further amplify everything we feel, sense and invoke, making it an ideal time for deeper inner focus.
"Tears streamed down my face from the beginning on. This is what I was longing for... coming back to Gaia. I release any feelings of unworthiness, not belonging and my need to hide. I call in full self expression, daring to let my soul lead the way.  Daring to be seen. Daring to be my true self." Svenja - Germany

On this page you will find...

  • Your welcome and introduction to our current series of Full Moon Calls
  • All the details you need to know, including the the sign-up form for our mailing list so that you can receive your live event call-in details for the next Full Moon Call
  • A selection of previous meditations, including the most recent
  • Access details for our online community and Forest Floor Sisterhood in the Nest

Beyond Limitless

‘Beyond Limitless’ is a five part elemental series of moon meditations exploring our intimate inner relationship with the living intelligence of Earth, Air, Fire and Water within us, and concluding with an integration call. It is an invitation to move beyond what it means to be human, and to enter into the realms of what it means to be part of Nature. Natural. Elemental. Vibrantly alive and connected to all that is.

Listen to the entire series here.

This gorgeous work of art was made by TreeSisters Graphic Designer Kate Williams. It is a blend of all the elements under a Full Moon night sky.

Do I donate to join the series?

If you value what we offer then we would sincerely appreciate your support! Reciprocity with Nature and balancing taking with giving, is the soul and purpose of TreeSisters. 

Donations for these calls are entirely voluntary. Whatever you give we will turn into tropical trees, directly supporting the lives of critically poor people at the coal face of climate change whilst contributing to our campaigning and feminine empowerment work. You get to make a real difference. Thank you!


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More about ‘Becoming Limitless’

Inspired by the experience of weather working in the face of the fire that threatened my home in California, I am more deeply exploring the intelligences that are available to us and through us when we move into greater intimacy with our own nature as part of Nature.

This whole series is about expansion through deep relaxation and nourishment as an antidote to the rising stress and uncertainty around us. It is also about the mystery of our expanded selves; the reality that we really are limitless in many subtle ways and that we can call on the deeper connections that we have with aspects and elements of Nature to generate courage, creativity, wisdom, leadership and healing. 

Each gathering will reflect the energies present in the world at that moment so that our dreaming has relevance and can provide maximum support. Intimacy will be our compass, emergence our allowing, love our cradle and possibility our sky.

Sculpture by Debra Bernier

Photo by Joan Hill

About Your Facilitator Clare Dubois

Clare worked as an intuitive, a coach and energy healer for 25 years before founding TreeSisters. Her deepest passion is the emergence of authentic humanity through reconnection to Nature, and transformational experiences that get us out of our own way.

She is experimental in her offerings, body and sensation based and works from a deep personal understanding of inner alchemy.  Clare has shown for over a decade now, that virtual experiences can be as powerful and healing as in-person events. The feedback from these calls is always potent and illuminating. 

Meet Clare in this interview.

Is there another way to connect?

Yes. TreeSisters is a global sisterhood and we are immediately available to you through our online community, the Nest. In the Nest, there are many avenues for discovery and learning, including a closed group called the Forest Floor Sisterhood where we bring our deep sharings and experiences into safe harbour.

Enter the Forest Floor in the Nest

Sign up for your free Nest account here. Once you’re in, click this link to go directly to the Forest Floor Sisterhood group. Alternatively, once you are in the Nest, click on Groups (left hand menu) and navigate to the Forest Floor Sisterhood group.

Photo by Matthew Haggarty

"The inspirational, true togetherness and Sisterhood of the Nest... where mutual respect and supporting each other feels as a warm blanket... I love the Beauty of co-creation and the intention of taking care of our Mother Earth and the next generations in so many different creative ways." ~ Angelique Boas