TreeSisters Full
Moon Meditations

Journeys into the Essential Nature of Self
on Behalf of the Global Forest


We’re thrilled that you have found your way here. Each month we gather together on our website for around an hour to drop into nourishing collective meditation and intention. We hope you will join us for this live monthly online event hosted by our Founder Clare Dubois. May this be the beginning of a wonderful journey of nourishment and connection for you ...


On this page you will find:

  • Your welcome and introduction to our Full Moon Calls

  • The sign up for our mailing list to get your live event call-in details for the next Full Moon Call

  • A selection of previous meditations, including the most recent

  • Access details for our on-line community and Forest Floor Sisterhood in the Nest

Every Full Moon, women all around the world come together live online to lean into this call as a moment of support, visioning, connection and clarity. The energies of Nature are heightened, and the tides within our own bodies respond. More becomes available to us, and we need that ‘more’ right now.

TreeSisters is a call to the essential soul of women that knows well that the time for our leadership is now. Stepping up as a woman is no small thing; it requires support. That is why we are growing a global network of like-hearted women, and why we gather. Whilst women focused, we exclude no-one, every gender is welcome.

These Full Moon calls are our way of stepping into collective feminine consciousness for healing, strengthening and deepening as women, and as protectors, restorers and healers of the global forest.

"Wow! The recording quality was crystal clear. The content moved me so much. The visualisation was beautiful. It is as if that cave really exists.
I'm with Clare on the subject of believing we can change the future, we are already! " ~ Gaenor, treesister and Full Moon participant


How can I give back?

We are asking for the reciprocity that is the soul of TreeSisters. Please consider a voluntary donation for attendance that will be your gift to the trees. This way your attendance translates into real seeds, soil and sky.  We’re really hoping that this will feel like a balancing and a gift, given that the focus of each meditation is to help the forests. Thank you!


You are invited!

Please be sure to sign up to the mailing list to get your live event link each month. Do you have questions about the Moon calls? Please check our FAQ in our support guide here.


Joining us is easy.

If you share your e-mail, we can send you a reminder before every call, so that you know it’s coming. You will then find the replay here, on this page, and also inside our online community, The Nest. Just scroll down to find a treasure trove you can return to again and again.



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Why gather?

  • To discover the astonishing nourishment and support of a global sisterhood

  • To reclaim your centre, stillness and connection amidst the increasing chaos

  • To focus consciously on saying yes to yourself and listening to your inner knowing

  • To lean into the nature of your own body, as the body of Nature

  • To move into direct relationship with the global forest as healer and restorer

What to expect?

Every meditation will hold a similar flow of intention: connection to self, other and Nature. There will also be a specific invitation and journal prompt, but the essence and focus will change every moon. We will move into relationship with different elements of ourselves and of Nature. We will use the meditation to build our energy and connection, and then work consciously to give healing presence and nourishment to the global forest. 

Our gathering will reflect the energies present in the world at that moment so that our dreaming has relevance and can provide maximum support. Intimacy will be our compass, emergence our allowing, love our cradle and possibility our sky.

"Tears streamed down my face from the beginning on. This is what I was longing for... coming back to Gaia. I release any feelings of unworthiness, not belonging and my need to hide. I call in full self expression, daring to let my soul lead the way.  Daring to be seen. Daring to be my true self." Svenja - Germany

Art byDebra Bernier

Is there another way to connect?

Yes. TreeSisters is a global sisterhood and we are immediately available to you through our online community, the Nest. In the Nest, there are many avenues for discovery and learning, including a closed group called the Forest Floor Sisterhood where we bring our deep sharings and experiences into safe harbour.

Enter the Forest Floor in the Nest

Sign up for your free Nest account here. Once you’re in, click this link to go directly to the Forest Floor Sisterhood group. Alternatively, once you are in the Nest, click on Groups (left hand menu) and navigate to the Forest Floor Sisterhood group.

"The inspirational, true togetherness and Sisterhood of the Nest... where mutual respect and supporting each other feels as a warm blanket... I love the Beauty of co-creation and the intention of taking care of our Mother Earth and the next generations in so many different creative ways." ~ Angelique Boas

Previous calls can be heard by clicking here.