Akamuti Forest

Akamuti Forest

We are really excited to announce our collaboration with Tree Sisters!

Tree Sisters have already planted over 12.5 million trees across the planet and we are joining in! We are pledging to plant one tree for every single order we receive.

So every time you place an order, we donate a tree! www.akamuti.co.uk

1 order = 1 tree planted

At Akamuti, we have a great love for nature and trees. In fact, our company name is a Bemba word that translates as 'little tree' or 'a little bit of medicine'. In many parts of Africa, trees and medicine are seen as one and the same and they are revered as powerful sources of healing. Tree ingredients are hugely important to us and we feel that trees are not only essential for our personal health but also for the health of the whole planet. There is nothing we love more than spending time in the natural beauty of woods and forests, they give us so much inspiration.

Who we are: Akamuti is a small family business based in a peaceful corner of Carmarthenshire in West Wales. Our family team is dedicated to designing and creating 100% natural skincare and beauty products for healthy, happy skin for the whole family. We are passionate about people and the planet and are dedicated to using all natural, botanical ingredients in every one of our products. Our ingredient lists are short and sweet, providing optimum goodness and nourishment to keep sensitive skin soft and glowing, naturally! We rely on cold pressed oils, tree butters and aromatics such as pure essential oils to formulate our recipes. That means no nasty additives, preservatives or artificial fragrances of any kind. Our ingredients are as close to as nature as possible, with minimum processing. We strive to ensure that our products reflect our ethics, passion and concerns that we have for nature, health and conservation. We hope that our environmental and cruelty free ethics shine through each and every one of our recipes.

You can also donate more trees on this fundraising page, if you feel moved to do so :)

A heartfelt thank you for your help, we have planted over 5,000 trees so far!

Akamuti Tree Sisters x


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“For orders placed to 20th August 2020.”


Lindsey Hedges
Aug 20, 2020

“Donation for 2,500 trees :)”


Lindsey Hedges
Nov 21, 2019


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