Alinker Family Fundraiser

The Alinker Inventions Ltd. (Canada), and daughter Alinker Family LLC are a certified B Corporation. We measure in social and environmental impact before money.

We have been a Treesister for a couple of years now and planted (including one initial big donation to plant 11,000 trees) to just over 18,000 trees so far. With this fundraiser we like to grow the Alinker forest bigger and bigger.


We are already more than carbon neutral. Our complete calculation is below in the text, and in short, this is what we do already: For each Alinker produced we plant 15 trees, enough to absorb 14 times the amount of carbon over the lifecycle of an Alinker of 7 years.

(by planting 1 tree per Alinker per year of its life cycle, we would just be carbon neutral over the 7 years life span of an Alinker, but we plant 15 trees instead of 7 per Alinker).


Our mission is to create revolutionary ways for people who want to live an active and engaged life, despite existing or developing mobility challenges. Our goal is to make it as easy and fun as possible for people to stay physically active, socially connected, and emotionally engaged in the community.

Health is more than being able to move and to be engaged. Health is about the food we eat, the air we breath, the care and connection we have for and with our planet, the spiritual awareness we have about our lives connected to the existence of forests as the lungs of our very existence.


As we are building this growing movement, we engage with people and hear what they share. With each story we understand deeper how our sickcare system drives people into poverty. A summary of the devastating effects of a food industry that makes people sick, which feeds into a pharma industry which makes money over sick people, topped with a society that dismisses and discards people. We come to understand deeper and deeper that isolation is a bigger disease than just the physical stuff people are dealing with.

We need to build a new world and through our crowdfunding campaigns we learned how attractive it is when people have a positive goal together and can show up for each other. The #Alinkerfamily is a term that came from the people who had done a successful campaign and found a life changing event in strangers showing up for them. After the campaign, and getting their Alinker creating life-altering experiences, people got more and more engaged with each other. A true movement is growing.

When we have the basics in place and feel human again, we can think and feel into the larger world, the forests to sustain us, but we need to be mindful, be connected and be willing to grow something extraordinary together.


Thanks to the Brompton company who went through the process of calculating the amount of carbon produced for manufacturing one Brompton folding bike, we now know from their website that - "Manufacturing a Brompton bicycle creates 113kg of carbon", which is roughly 10 times it's weight. Translating that to the Alinker generously (at around 12-13 Kg), we can safely say that the Alinker manufacturing produces around 150kg of carbon per unit, which is equivalent to 330Lbs

A single tree absorbs about 48 pounds of carbon in a year, so

we would need to plant 6.8 tree per Alinker to absorb the produced carbon in

one year.... 7 trees absorb in 1 year the carbon the manufacturing produced. So

each Alinker is carbon neutralized over one year.

As a company with a few people on staff, we produce CO2 because we ship, travel, package (already 98% plastic free), eat, breath, and all other life activities we do that produces carbon....

Instead of calculating each and every detail, we have simply doubled the amount of trees we plant per Alinker....

So, we plant 15 trees per Alinker, so for each Alinker out there, we plant enough trees

to absorb 660Lbs carbon each year. (twice as much and only over one year)

In the life cycle of an Alinker, say 7 years, it produced 330Lbs, and the trees

planted for this one Alinker, absorbed 7 x 660Lbs = 4620Lbs

So in short, for each Alinker produced we plant enough trees to absorb 14 times the amount of carbon over the lifecycle of an Alinker of 7 years

Donate here and grow the Alinker forest with us together

with love

Alinker Family

Honour Roll

“More trees for more Alinkers”


BE Alink
Oct 15, 2020
Quebec, Canada

“More trees for more Alinkers”


BE (barbara)
Sep 8, 2020
Quebec, Canada


Terra C
Aug 30, 2020
Virginia, United States


Bethany Taggart
May 3, 2020
Colorado, United States


Bethany Taggart
Apr 7, 2020
Colorado, United States

“Team travel Jan 2020”


BE Alink
Jan 31, 2020
Quebec, Canada

“travel of the team Dec - Jan 2020”


BE Alink
Jan 31, 2020
Quebec, Canada

“These 1000 (-ish) trees we plant for all of us in the time of huge fires ... we can do something, we can plant trees”


BE Alink
Jan 9, 2020
Quebec, Canada

“This donation is made for Vicki and Richard, our Christmas gift to friends so dear. May these trees bring you healing and solace over the coming year. With so much love, Vanessa and BE”


Vicki Saunders
Dec 24, 2019
Ontario, Canada

“These hundreds of trees we plant to honour our partnership with Nick and Angela, our manufacturers in Taiwan, who have throughout the years been a solid and committed partner. Thank you BE”


Alinker Inventions
Dec 21, 2019
Quebec, Canada


Richard Edge
Dec 13, 2019
British Columbia, Canada

“Last week I was at Windhorse Farm in Nova Scotia and in the forest .... traveling there took a toll.... we flew and drove... connection... we know this is related....”


BE Alink
Dec 10, 2019
Quebec, Canada


Jeni Tyson
Nov 27, 2019
New Jersey, United States


B. Copping
Nov 27, 2019
Alberta, Canada


BE Alink
Nov 25, 2019
Quebec, Canada

Alinker Family Fundraiser

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BE Alink
Quebec, Canada


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