artprana & friends

artprana & friends

With every breath we inhale oxygen from the beginning of time, oxygen that has been breathed thousand of times by microorganisms, plants, trees, animals, humans. Lets help humanity to continue breathing by planting trees.......

All donations through our group's page will grow our group forest :))

When you donate to TreeSisters, you are funding trees that will be planted globally.

80% of your donation directly funds our reforestation program. A further 15% funds our charitable programs around feminine empowerment and social change work. 5% supports TreeSisters core costs to curate and deliver the above.

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Iris Artacker
Jan 7, 2021
9, AT

“Für die Treesisters 😊”


Fabian Artacker
Feb 25, 2020
3, AT


Iris Artacker
Feb 22, 2020
9, AT


Iris Artacker
Nov 21, 2019
9, AT

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Iris Artacker
Wien, AT


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