Atteya's Forest

Atteya's Forest

Atteya, from the Arabic ‘Atiya’ meaning gift, is an ethical fine jewellery brand for the modern and conscious. Inspired by ancient talismans and natural forms found on travels far and near. Confident in refined yet honest craftsmanship, Atteya jewellery holds a unique and timeless individuality. 

Atteya’s ethical gifts are categorised into three overarching collections, In Wood, In Water and Talisman, evolving naturally over time. Each owning a unique and rich narrative allowing for endless inspiration for future pieces to come. Individually partnered with one of three incredible charities, tackling climate change and social injustice, 5% of each sale is given back and donated directly to their work.

It's import to us that our designs and jewellery showcases the beauty this world provides and in return we want to give back in any and every way we can by donations and also through choosing sustainable and ethical materials and methods in our manufacturing.

"Beauty shouldn't impact the earth, the earth's beauty should be respectfully celebrated".

Inspired by the earth, made from the earth and giving back to the earth.

Love Atteya xx

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“Atteya Bi-Annual Donation from Jewellery Sales”


Catherine Godon
Jul 31, 2022

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