Back on Track's Fundraiser

Back on Track's Fundraiser

‘Every day we choose our impact, both in terms of what we take from Nature and what we choose to give back.’

This is Back on Track's Fundraiser page aiming to raise £2000 through fundraising events and voluntary donations throughout the year. If you are an earth-loving person like me (Simone), and you have taken part in any of our events, be it hiking, running or fitness, you'll probably heard about the wood-wide-web and the importance of our deep connection to nature.

We have joined TreeSisters, a social change and reforestation charity, as a part of their ‘SoulTrees Program’ to donate to there dedicated work in growing forests. With our contribution we support diverse, ethical, and long-term reforestation projects that not only plant trees but also rebuild ecosystems and communities.

The world’s forests are under extreme threat. Up to a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation and forest degradation. The destruction of wildlife and habitats is one of the most pressing environmental challenges we face today.

The problems can seem overwhelming and sometimes far away. But often, during our country runs and hikes, we see the impact on our front door.

Increasingly over the last months, Back on Track is putting nature at the centre of what we do. If you care to look, you can see the impact of pollution and deforestation. That’s why we offer various initiatives to join us in our mission to protect nature and do the little things that we can, to make a difference as a collective.

Read here a bit more about Back on Tracks mission to Give back to nature.

Thank you for every single donation made here.

Simone Dill

Founder of Back on Track

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Dec 1, 2021


Julian Enticknap
Dec 1, 2021

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