We love this charity because thanks to them not only trees are planted in deforested tropical areas which helps with the sequestering of carbon from the air – their projects having a positive socio-economic impact. And as us folks at BOUTECO always say, one of the best ways to tackle climate change, as acknowledged by the United Nations, is to invest in the lives of women in remote rural areas: this improves education, means they get married later in life, and have fewer children. As the ever-spiralling-out-of-control global population is one of the most significant contributors to all the ecological factors exaggerating climate change, this is significant. Thank you to all those who support Treesisters via us!

Honour Roll

“A fantastic cause x”


Emma Hartland-Mahon
Oct 24, 2020


Laura Curran
Oct 1, 2020
New York, United States

“From Up Norway & The Discovery Route”


Torunn Tronsvang
Oct 1, 2020
03, NO


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Juliet Kinsman


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