Brick Bridge Consulting - Citrix Green Microapp Winner

Grand Prize Winner of Citrix Microapp Earth Week Challenge!! For this challenge the grand prize winner was a forest with Tree Sisters.

Brick Bridge Consulting team took to the road, showing Citrix Workspace on the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen. Their entry, “Does Elon love Workspace?”, featured microapps retrieving climate data from Weather API, controlling Ecobee smart thermostats remotely, offsetting their carbon footprint via Jotform and Stripe, and much more. The breadth of functionality in the Brick Bridge entry wowed the judges, as did the Gen X-friendly finale! 

Congratulations, Team Brick Bridge!

Honour Roll

“Grand Prize gift for Citrix Microapp Challenge”


Monica Gonzalez
Jun 21, 2021
Florida, United States

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Brick Bridge Consulting - Citrix Green Microapp Winner

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