Canopy Boardgame Tree Planting

Canopy Boardgame Tree Planting

Here at Weird City Games we love making boardgames and we love nature. In recent years we have become increasingly concerned about the effects of climate change on the natural world, and with our own impacts through manufacturing games. When the idea of Canopy came to us we immediately saw it as an opportunity to work towards making our boardgames in a more sustainable manner, and working to offset any negative impacts. 

While we are a small company, we feel it is important to bring our desire for change into our love of making games. We are learning as we go and doing what is feasible for this first project. We see this as the first step of many to making our games in the most sustainable manner possible. 

Steps we are taking to make the game sustainable include:

  • For each game we sell through Kickstarter we will be planting one tree in partnership with Tree Sisters, a fantastic non-profit based in the UK that is focused on tropical reforestation and the empowerment of women. Producing the game without any plastic. The plastic wrap on cards and the game box will be replaced with paper bands or small stickers. Ziploc bags will be replaced with sturdy paper envelopes.
  • All wood used in the game will come from FSC certified materials. 
  • All paper components, including the box, chip board tokens, and cards comes from post-consumer waste. 
  • Keeping the box size small to limit resources used in freight and domestic shipping.

Thank you for joining us and contributing to our goal of a sustainable future!

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“1 Tree for each backer on Kickstarter!”


Timothy V Eisner
Aug 4, 2020
Oregon, United States


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