Cheryl Beer's Forest

Cheryl Beer's Forest

Cheryl Beer is a tree-listening, sea whisperer with a unique way of composing music as a conduit for nature. By repurposing hearing aid & biomedical technology, Cheryl collaborates with nature to create a new narrative led by the natural world. Interested in the relationships between sound, music & the environment, her cutting edge innovations in ecomusicology raise awareness of nature in crisis by embodying a visceral sense of place. Cheryl's groundbreaking Rainforest Symphony, Cân y Coed / Song of the Trees raises awareness by reuniting fragile pockets of ancient Rainforest across Wales, composing a tapestry of tree, fern & moss biorhythms, unearthing the unique songs of different trees from beneath their bark. Having spent a year with the rainforests, Cheryl has become acutely aware of how deeply humanity is connected with our carbon cousins, the trees - and has set an intention to balance her own footprint by joining Treesisters, which enables her to plant trees and invite others to follow suit. Her donation is made possible because she exchanges private arts mentoring with one of her clients, for trees. Together, in this symbiosis & with the help of Treesisters, she can plant forests.

Honour Roll

“This donation is made from the sale of my wooden QR Codes where a tree is planted with every sale.”


Cheryl Beer
Sep 3, 2022

“More Treeeeeeeees!!! :)”


Deirdra Barr
Jul 26, 2022

“Using the C02 calculator, I found that to reduce my footprint, I need to plant 2 trees for my round trip from Bristol to Edinburgh for 2 passengers ... I think my donation enables me to plant @ 12 trees with treesisters ...”


Cheryl Beer
Jun 30, 2022


Deirdra Barr
May 23, 2022


May 18, 2022

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