TreeSisters Host-Your-Own Clothes Forest FUNdraiser!

TreeSisters Host-Your-Own Clothes Forest FUNdraiser!

This is something for everyone. FUN Fundraising:-) Grow Your Own Clothes Forest is a clothes swap with a green leafy tweak. You invite your friends (colleagues, family, school, church, etc) to a gathering intent on growing a forest in a couple of hours, simply by lettijngn go of whatb they might be ready to pass on to someone else. Those clothes that never get worn, the shoes or jewelery that have sat their feeling forlorn and unwanted, any other beautful bits and peices that might like to turn into trees - just because you can!

Gather some wine and some nibbles, find some rocking music and a good tall mirror or two and you're ready to grow a forest! Instead of simply swapping items for free, you're giving a small amount for the trees. So - say 4 trees per item (50c per tree so $2) or more for the really amazing things that show up. How many trtees do you want that thing to plant?

Part way through the evening you can show the Grow Your Own Forest campaign video so that people can see where their trees are being planted. If you gather cash and checks from everyone yourself, then you can make one deposit yourself into this fundraiser and say who you all are. (This was initiated by the Nevada City Grove in CA and we're hoping it spreads far and wide!) It's a fabulous way to introduce TreeSisters and potentially start your own local Grove (local circle of treesisters)

Recycling and upcycling - anything to reduce consumption and bring awareness to the impact we have on our world, matters more than ever. In the face of so much dismal news, we need to gather, have fun and plot how to put our love into action. This is a fabulous way to gather, enjoy yourselves and then plot - how many other ways could you embed trees into your lives and your communities? This is fun - and now what more can we all do?

So, would you like to host your own Clothes Forest gathering?


Honour Roll

“The first clothes forest launches with the Nevada City Grove - CA - amaaazing fun:-)”


Clare Dubois
Dec 10, 2019
California, United States

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