Community Screening - Sisters of the Wilderness film

Community Screening - Sisters of the Wilderness film

Thank you for fundraising for the trees by screening Sisters of the Wilderness for your community. We know how much effort and energy it takes to bring your community together in this way. Know that you are deeply appreciated!

Of the funds raised here, a portion go to support the filmmaker, One Nature Limited, and their social impact program. Find out more here. The rest of the funds plant tropical trees across our projects, trees that sequester carbon, restore the water cycle, revitalise habitat and support local communities.


About Sisters of the Wilderness

Set in the iMfolozi wilderness, South Africa, in the oldest game park in Africa, Sisters of the Wilderness tells the story of five young Zulu women going into the wilderness for the first time in their lives on a journey of self-discovery, which offers them an opportunity to grow and heal, and serves as a reminder that we are intimately linked to nature and what we do to her we do to ourselves. The film also explores the plight of the primordial iMfolozi wilderness which is severely threatened by open-cast coal mining on its border, and the dire rhino poaching, in this park, which is now the epicentre of South Africa’s rhino poaching activity, with the highest rates of poaching in more than a century.

If you would like to screen Sisters of the Wilderness for your community as a fundraiser, please visit this page on our website to find out more.

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