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Our Sing for the Trees event on International Women's Day in 2019 was such a nourishing day filled with music, authentic connection & reciprocity with Nature and in Sistership held here in our local forest, and on a global scale with events held Internationally, in order to raise awareness and funds for TreeSisters in the reforestation of our planet. Our grove had plans to hold another magical event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day together, and unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic arrived in March, right before our event. So we are gathering online until we are able to join together and hold hands as sisters in the forest for a weekend retreat that will be filled with time to re-connect with one another, with the land, the trees, the water, the air, and sacred fire, and sing out our love and appreciation for all they give to us!

How does the old saying go? "The best time to plant a tree was ?? years ago. The second best time is now." That goes for a forest as well! And TreeSisters makes it easy to do. Also you can rest assured that you aren't just funding trees getting stuck into the ground. The projects TreeSisters funds are amazing in their sensitivity to local needs, they are respectful and restorative of the whole ecosystem, and they draw on a deep and ever growing understanding of our relationship to nature.

Go have a look and see how you too can contribute to the healing of the whole.

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Tarri Driver
Feb 24, 2021
Tennessee, United States


Jiwan Kaur
Jan 19, 2021
Tennessee, United States

“Let's plant trees!”


Mary E Robinson
Jan 17, 2021
Tennessee, United States


Liza Alexander
Jan 8, 2021
Tennessee, United States

Deer Lodge, TN Grove Fundraising Page

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Geri Fox
Tennessee, United States


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