Denny Dakin's Forest

Denny Dakin's Forest

Love is the only Truth ~ In memory of Denny Dakin

This Forest is in memory of dear Denny and the lives she touched with her caring heart and beautiful spirit. Denny was a long time TreeSisters supporter and this forest will carry on in honor of her legacy.

Our founder Clare is the daughter of Denny. The TreeSisters team has set up this forest to provide a place to share words for Denny in gratitude for her so that Clare and the Dakin family can see the love and outpouring from all.

We invite you to share yours.

Below is a poem written by Clare for her mum.


Love beckoned me back to reclaim my heart,

To unravel a past that had taught me to close,

To unhook each moment less than light filled and shining.

And I came,

So that I might burn into a limitless sky

Unclad, unbound and breathing flames of truth

Shimmering slowly into remembrance

Each moment a melody

Each tear a death, a rebirth

And a yes to life.

Love beckoned me back to reclaim my heart,

And I have come to lay my dreams at her door.

Come to break my bonds,

That I might fall awake

Bathed in a bliss of tenderness,

Willing to trust her arms as my home

Willing to trust her heart

As I bless my own.

I wrote that for mum about 20 years ago. Actually maybe I wrote it for all of us.

Mum left the physical last Monday. My brother and I were by her side. There are no words as yet so I leave it to the poetry and to the silence where my deepest love lives.

Denny Dakin - lover of life, lover of nature, lover of your family. I will look for you in the sky and everywhere in between. Thank you for outrageous courage in the face of it all.

I love you.

15/6/1940 - 17/7/2021


Honour Roll

“Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.”


Sarah Dougan
Sep 26, 2021

“Sending love and trees in your memory <3”


Jen Smith
Aug 31, 2021


Rebecca Lefton
Aug 30, 2021
New York, US


Linda Stewart
Aug 28, 2021
California, US

“I plant these trees in your name Denny Dakin to honour the life you lived and the life you created for us~♡~What a gift to the world dear Clare is. May these trees grow and flourish bringing new life wherever they are planted and help ease the sorrow of laying your beautiful mother to rest. Love and blessings~♡~Ursula”


Ursula Dutkiewicz
Aug 28, 2021

“Your passion for your family and our world has been an inspiration to us all. I will remember your strength and spirit and I am SO grateful for you! With love, Tera”


Terra Canova
Aug 27, 2021
Virginia, US

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