Earth Treasure Vase Forest

The Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project began thirty years ago when our founder, Cynthia Jurs, met a 106-year-old Buddhist Lama living in a remote cave in Nepal and asked him, “What can we do to bring healing and protection to the Earth?” In answer, she was given a practice of filling, sealing and burying Earth Treasure Vases around the world in places of need, bringing this ancient practice alive in these times. 


Since thenfirst Cynthia, and now many other Earth Treasure Vase stewards have traveled the world to make relations with elders and activists and invite the prayers and offerings of thousands of people in diverse cultures, communities and ecosystems around the whole Earth. From Africa, Australia, Asia and the Americas, we all want to ensure the health and longevity of this beautiful blue-green planet we call home. As the Earth Treasure Vases are planted around the world, the locations and communities where the vases have been buried have formed a mandala of healing and protection for the Earth. Like acupuncture points on Gaia’s body, the Earth Treasure Vase nodes that form this mandala and the songlines (as the Aborignal Australians refer to them) that connect them, carry our prayers and intentions into and around the living Earth. TreeSisters is now part of this global healing mandala through the Earth Treasure Vase dedicated to the reforestation of the Amazon we have initiated together.

Please lend your support to this beautiful partnership as we direct our intentions to the reforestation of the Amazon and the protection of still intact rainforest so important to our planet’s survival. The Earth Treasure Vase Forest is being established by our nonprofit, Alliance for the Earth with a percentage of every teaching Cynthia gives, course, event or pilgrimage that she offers going to Treesisters. Together we are fulfilling an ancient prophesy related to these times – to plant holy vessels called Earth Treasure Vases and…to plant trees! May all beings benefit!


Honour Roll

“This donation represents 81 participants in 3 Tara Gaia retreats in 2020.”


Cynthia Jurs
Dec 2, 2020
New Mexico, United States

“EarthRising contribution on behalf of Gaia Calling course participants”


Kate Naga
Jul 6, 2020
California, United States

“This 1st donation is from the group who participated in the Tara Gaia Teachings Retreat given in February 2020.”


Cynthia Jurs
Mar 18, 2020
New Mexico, United States

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Earth Treasure Vase Forest

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Cynthia Jurs
New Mexico, United States


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