Emma K Harper Stewardship Fund

Emma K Harper Stewardship Fund

Life in modern day society is challenging and complicated. The opportunities to disconnect from nature and our true essence are plentiful and enticing.

I'm planting a forest with proceeds from my therapeutic work because I care deeply about the trees and the future of our natural environment.

Clueless how to enact change alone, I do what I can to liberate and integrate feminine energy through my life's work and passion with therapeutic sexual healing, believing that holds part of the key to the environmental rebalancing and restoration that is being called for.

I am grateful to the projects funded by Treesisters, who put seeds to ground and hope into the hands of the disempowered.

In gratitude for sisterhood, brotherhood, consciousness and life's every ebb and flow.

Emma K Harper

Honour Roll

“10% of my therapy business proceeds during Lockdown. Donated with the fullness of my heart.”


Emma Harper
Sep 2, 2020


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Emma Harper


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