Erika's Amaizing Book Launch and Tree Planting Fundraiser

Erika's Amaizing Book Launch and Tree Planting Fundraiser

My first book "The Wyrding Way: the mysterious art of weaving your own destiny" is expected to get published on 4.4.4 (2020) as my birthday present!!! Since I am already a dedicated treesister for quite a few years, I would like to encourage everyone who buys my book, to also donate and give back to Mother Earth. My book is about my own reconnection with my unique destiny thread through sacred embroidery and also about me planting Celtic horoscope birthtree "Rowan" seeds along powerful places on my extensive journey back to my roots with the Transsibirian Railway in 2017. Furthermore the book describes my internal transformation and getting back to myself through an embodied life as a tree with strong roots and wings.

I would love to run this campaign for exactly one year to see how many people buy my book and give back to the trees.

Honour Roll

“thank you for this fundraiser”


Kathy B
Apr 12, 2020
Illinois, United States

“be a treesisters”


Jacob Roseman
Apr 4, 2020


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