Espace Ora Forest

Espace Ora Forest

I'm excited to announce our planned financial model! Espace Ora is intended to be a centre of community reciprocity so we want to steer away from transactional interactions and instead create abundance to share with all of life!

At the same time, there are concrete costs to the space of $150 per week (that's half the rent + utilities of the space). So my intention is that through hosting through Airbnb and different activities and events, I'll be able to cover this cost (so effectively this community is my room mate instead of having a colocation).

But then once we've met this cost, every dollar will go not into my pocket but into a special project - to grow an Espace Ora Forest through TreeSisters: women seeding change!

At the end of each month I'll let you know how many trees we've planted together! And of course you can feel free to contribute to our forest at any time regardless of whether you've been in the space or not.

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“February abundance”


Chloe Waretini
Feb 29, 2020
Quebec, Canada


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