Forest of the Sacred Stones

Forest of the Sacred Stones

Dit 'Grow Your Own Forest' project is gestart met de Equinox Gathering 'Walking in Beauty' die in Drenthe gehouden werd in September 2019. De gehele baten komen ten goede aan het planten van een bos met de naam 'Forest of the Sacred Stones'. Onze focus is om dmv donaties, opbrengsten van events en dergelijke dit bos zo groot mogelijk te laten groeien in de komende 15 jaar.

This 'Grow Your Own Forest' project has been started with the Equinox Gathering 'Walking in Beauty', held in Drenthe (The Netherlands) September 2019. All profits are offered to the planting of "the Forest of the Sacred Stones". Our focus is to grow a Forest as large as possible by means of donations, events etc. within the next 15 years to come.

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“van Dineke 'Witwyfke' Diemer (drumcircle)”


angelique boas
May 25, 2020


A Boas
Mar 15, 2020
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


A Boas
Jan 19, 2020
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


A Boas
Dec 1, 2019
Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


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