HATCH's Forest

HATCH's Forest

After our Living Room talk with Fritjof Capra and Terry Irwin, we were inspired by the simple and powerful call to action to plant trees as a low-barrier way to make an impact as individuals.

"Currently, trees around the world are being removed and damaged at an extraordinary rate. If we continue to live in this way then soon our forests will be gone and the ramifications of this are unthinkable. Trees and forest ecosystems provide so much; beyond sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, they provide a home for biodiversity, they preserve soil and help prevent water pollution." [Tree Sisters]

We are starting the HATCH forest as a way for our community to see the impact we have when we come together as a collective. Together, let's plant 2,000 trees!

Honour Roll

“lets grow!”


Eamonn Store
Apr 22, 2021
Connecticut, United States

“In honor of Brad’s bday, via Craig Honeycutt”


Rebecca Meyers
Jun 3, 2020
North Carolina, United States


Noah Rosenthal
Jun 2, 2020
California, United States

“Go Hatch!”


David Green
Jun 1, 2020
Nevada, United States


Craig Honeycutt
May 29, 2020
North Carolina, United States


Kenneth Lacovara
May 29, 2020
New Jersey, United States

“in honor of HATCH”


Lucy Caldwell
May 29, 2020
California, United States


Ania Bulis
May 27, 2020
Montana, United States


Craig Honeycutt
May 27, 2020
North Carolina, United States

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