Her Shining Light

Her Shining Light

Her Shining Light is growing a Forest and we would love you to help us grow more!

Her Shining Light will be donating 5% of revenue from all our events held in 2020 to take a stand against climate change and support Treesisters in their incredible heart centred mission to create a global community of restorers, all dedicated to giving back to Nature what we have taken away. Treesisters plant trees where they are most needed in the Tropics. With each donation we will be able to see the size of the forest we have donated....lets grow a forest to be proud of!!!

We would love your help to grow Her Shining Light's Forest and grow a community of compassionate restorers.

Just £10 buys 33 trees and our goal for 2020 is to reach 1650 trees which is £500

Honour Roll

“5% Donation from Manifestation Workshop”


Tansy Dowman
Jan 14, 2020

“Thank you for this work beautiful sister”


Jane Tucker
Dec 5, 2019


Toni Barclay
Dec 4, 2019


Natalie Rossiter
Dec 4, 2019


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Tansy Dowman


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