Hope 11 11/Foundation for a New Humanity's Fundraiser

Humanity stands at the precipice of evolution. 

A clear path out of humanity’s hard times and misery begins within ourselves. Reconnecting to the wisdom of our own bodies, we can regenerate ourselves into a vibrant, thriving and creative expression of wellbeing. Cultivating our deep respect for the intelligence of nature, we can support the Earth as she regenerates herself. Reconnecting to who we truly are, we can generate Love, Life and Joy into the world.

Let's ignite the largest movement in human history.

Join us on November 11, 2020 for a free online summit, as we gather to spread hope to all corners of the globe. This day-long event will weave a tapestry of thought provoking, solutions-oriented conversations, inspirational songs and performance art pieces in celebration of hope, and uplift our minds, spirits and the frequency of the planet through a globally synchronized meditation to activate hope and restorative balance.

Revolutionary to evolutionary.

The Hope 11-11 event kicks off a larger movement for Hope, led by former civil rights organizer and spiritual philosopher, Rennie Davis. Rennie has lived many lives. From coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the Sixties, to consultant of Fortune 500 companies and top executives — only to walk away from it all and spend four years in solitude at the basin of the Grand Canyon, re-emerging with a message of hope and empowerment for humanity. 

A goal of planting 1 million trees to honor the delicate balance of life on Earth. 

Hope 1111 is partnering with Tree Sisters International to inspire millions around the globe to ignite hope in themselves and in their communities to ensure a future for life on Earth. Our goal is to plant as many trees as possible from our initiatory event, Hope 11-11 and all future summits to support reforestation around the world and have an impact on the sustainability of life on this planet. 

Join the Movement for Hope and make a contribution to hope-led planet initiatives like Tree Sisters International. We would love to see hope restore the balance of life in our communities and our natural world by planting a million trees! 

Help us to reach this huge goal and join the movement: 


Honour Roll


Sean Svoboda
Nov 11, 2020
Colorado, United States

“Thank you for all your work.”


Ruth Martin
Nov 11, 2020
Texas, United States

“For Hannah and Ally Brody..sisters!”


Wendy Brody
Nov 11, 2020
Florida, United States

“What a wonderful foundation. Thank you for planting a million trees!”


Terra C.
Nov 11, 2020
Virginia, United States

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Hope 11 11/Foundation for a New Humanity's Fundraiser

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Hope 11 11/Foundation for a New Humanity


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