Influencer Forest

I have a vision to create a Influencer Forest that will pave the way and create awareness for humanity! 

But in order to create this dream I need your help. 

This vision was born last year January during a flight. I thought how could I give back to reduce this emission.

I call it Influencer Forest because I’m calling upon Social Media’s most influential people for their help! They have the unique opportunity to fly across the world and show us the most amazing places. But by flying so much they still leave a massive footprint. I want to propose to help reducing this...ofcourse there are influencers who life’s are very eco friendly and carry out a strong message to contribute to Mother Nature..and that’s perfect but wood u join!?

Honour Roll

“This is a great way to give back for all those miles we travel. go Milan!”


Kathleen Brigidina
Dec 8, 2019
Illinois, US

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Influencer Forest

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