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Jess Lyons Creative's Forest

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To me, living a sustainable and eco-friendly life is absolutely paramount.

I see my space here as another opportunity to take positive actions against climate change And I want to allow my community to get involved in these actions, give back to our planet and live kindly. 

Therefore, I am so excited to share with you all how I am embedding restoration into my business and have partnered up with Treesisters. 

TreeSisters ARE a UK-registered social change and reforestation charity that place tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hands.

They plant trees across Brazil, Borneo, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal, West Papua, and the Amazon.

Treesisters encourage feminine leadership by providing resources AND experiences TO communities that inspire personal and collective action on behalf of the trees.

So, I have 2 routes to embed positive action and restoration into my business through my partnership with Treesisters:

  1. I pledge to donate tress for transactions:

For every person who books a legitimate discovery call with me: 

Jesslyons. creative will donate 6 trees.

For every new client who onboards with me: 

jesslyons.creative will donate 10 trees.

For every client who renews their contract:

JessLyons.Creative will donate 12 trees

  1. I invite you to contribute a personal donation to the forest if you’re feeling inspired to join the community.

Thank you for taking the time, you bunch of wonderful humans!

Remember to come back here and see how the forest grows and look out for updates on my Instagram.

Love Jess xx

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