Jewelry for a Forest: CheCheKataWan, Jewelry from the Earth

Jewelry for a Forest: CheCheKataWan, Jewelry from the Earth

CheCheKataWan is the name of my forge... it means MoonFireWoman... an embodiment of change. Now, in a time where the earth is under great duress, we must be the change, seed the change. For every all natural jewelry piece purchased, I donate $5.00, to plant approximately 10 trees! Feel free to give here, any extra amount you feel called to! TreeSisters, Woman Seeding Change, are a vital initiative, and will go far with what you gift. And that shall benefit all... We must live and act as responsible ancestors!

You can find the Eco Mindful Jewelry I craft on Etsy, under the shop name CheCheKataWan.

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