John's Art Fundraiser

John's Art Fundraiser

I donate all profit from the sale of my paintings to TreeSisters.

If you would like to commission a painting I can use photographic references (such as a picture you feel attached to or place you have visited). Plus, if you already have a frame, I can make a painting to fit.

The image on this page is one of my recent paintings - please visit my online gallery :

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John Foster
Jan 5, 2021

“This donation was raised through the sale of my painting 'Springtime on the Ridgeway' - and will fund the planting of 50 trees. Thank you to Genista Astell.”


John Foster
Nov 18, 2020

“This donation of £53 was raised through the sale of my painting 'St Peter's Church, Coughton Court' -  and will fund the planting of 132 trees!   Thank you to Fatima Laming!”


David Foster
Oct 31, 2020

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John's Art Fundraiser


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