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League Collective  Forest

Without trees we would not exist. Trees are one of the most important species in our eco-system.

Since humans have begun to cutting trees down, we have seen a rise in climate temperature, mass floods, huge fires, raging storms and an angry mother earth.

We took action a long time ago to make our lives run smoothly and more comfortably. We began mass producing, and farming to feed our children and grow our bank accounts, and in doing so, began a deforestation process that is more damaging than a lot of us realise.

At League Collective, we aspire to create - like humans are supposed to - without harming our natural environment.

It's time to take action again, but this time, it's for our planet. Let's start the reforestation of our world, with the help of Tree sisters!

We have partnered with Tree Sisters to keep your life running smoothy in a more eco-friendly way. You can head to our site, and every time you make a purchase, we will make sure your money goes towards planting 3 trees. Over time, we will increase this number as our company grows. Buy consciously, feel good, and 'do' good.

We have set up this little page here too, because, although our company is small, we know that together we are stronger, and maybe you would like to donate more! Help us reach our target of £10,000 by December 2020, to help us plant a League Collective Forest with Tree Sisters :)

We are so excited! I hope you are too

Honour Roll

“Trees planted in sales from March- July 2020”


Lilly Richardson
Jul 7, 2020


Apr 30, 2020

“Great Pilates class thanks :)”


Simon Roberts
Apr 30, 2020

“Thanks for the yoga session!”


matthew strong
Apr 29, 2020

“Epic cause and charity! Good luck with the marathon”


ben gedye
Apr 29, 2020


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