Walks With Trees Runs With Dogs

Walks With Trees Runs With Dogs

A dear friend recently described me as 'Walks with trees, runs with dogs'. A light bulb went off! I had been searching for a greater purpose, a way to combine my love of trees, running my sled dogs and my art. Almost immediately, I found 'Tree Sisters'. I spend hours each day with trees and absorbing their energy. I run my huskies in the woods, I meditate in the woods. I paint trees on canvas and I paint trees that have died by peeling their bark and giving them a new sense of purpose, painting either images on them or colors like the Eucalyptus Rainbow Trees. I have seven painted trees in my garden ! I will donate from my sales of my art and I hope my customers and friends will also donate to this good cause. Every day I 'walk with trees.... run with dogs'

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Lidia Dale-Mesaros


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