Luma Oils

Luma Oils

Dear humans!

I am a mom, a healer, a creator, a plant lover. I live in Romania in a small city just under the beautifull Carpathian Mountains. I ran a small family business. We make natural cosmetics from scratch. It s all coldpressed in our house from seeds and plants. We are living near a wild natural parc. Our forest is protected by law so we enjoy the lush of this beautufull place. But in Romania in general they are cutting and cutting and cutting. It makes me so so sad.

For now I want to join Tree Sisters in their jurney and hope to help Gaia Regenerate. Maybe one day Tree Sisters will also come to Romania to regenerate the forests. For now, the Jungle is most important so we can keep our Climate! I really hope Tree Sisters will be a global organisation and will save Gaia! Ahoi!

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