Massage Sauvage

Massage Sauvage

We are Lauren & Vera, a duo of passionate massage therapists and bodyartists from France and Italy. We have united our energies to create Massage Sauvage, a nomadic project that brings massages and conscious bodyarts workshops and experiences to out of the ordinary settings.

We plan on travelling across Europe starting June 2020 to offer massages and workshops at festivals, retreats and communities and integrate ecological restoration into every financial transaction of our nomadic project, with the following model:

For each massage given, 2 trees will be planted with TreeSisters

For each workshop given, 10 trees will be planted with TreeSisters

We will also welcome and encourage other forms of donations on behalf of Earth's forests and will make it a mission to spread the word about the urge to reconnect & reforest during our adventure.

We are not yet on social media and don't have a website, but the project will grow as it goes.

To the forests!

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