Mind Body Spirit Festival Ltd's Fundraiser

Mind Body Spirit Festival Ltd's Fundraiser

Mind Body Spirit has continuously strived to lead the way in sustainability and to give back to a planet that provides us with so much. In the five decades of the festival, we are proud to have launched the first-ever vegetarian food offering at Olympia London, to have removed hundreds of thousands of plastic bags from the festival, reduced our paper printing by 75%, introduce a paperless ticket system in 2014 and use only eco-conscious venues. In 2019 our London festival worked hard with Olympia to successfully achieve a 'Zero to Landfill' objective, and our Birmingham Festival is held at a Carbon Neutral venue since 2015.  

Now, as we enter the 2020s, we want to continue this legacy. We are taking a more proactive approach, which is why we are pledging to plant a tree for every entrance ticket we sell for the festival.

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Josh Roberts
Jan 16, 2020


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