moon'bloom is born from my love for the spirit of plants & connection to nature, my deep alchemical shifts and "shadow dances", which paint their traces in stories & poems and my desire to support the shaping powers of women in seeding change in this world and our hearts. I manifest this mission in many ways, still unfurling.

Here I want to share my clothing creations "Waldstück/ForestPeaces": ecoprints with plants from my forests - black berry/roses, nettles and fern - on recycled second hand clothes, usually from cotton trees.

I love to create clothing that is balm to our souls, like a soul skin.

"I wrap you in loving presence"

I will donate 1€ per piece = 2 trees. <3

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Simona Haas
Jul 14, 2020
Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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Simona Haas


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