Moorey birthday trees 2021

We love woods, we love trees and we've never been more thankful for being able to get outdoors than this last year. In September 2020 we joined Treesisters and now plant 5 trees a month for just £2 to help cool down the planet. As a family we agreed that on our birthdays this year we would plant a tree for every year of our beautiful lives. For us in 2021 that is 9 + 46 + 5 + 46 trees = 106 trees. So £53 is our fundraising total for this page but I wanted to extend the opportunity to friends and loved ones to plant trees too. If you might have called by with a card or taken me out for cuppa this week please consider planting a tree to celebrate my birthday for just 50p. No donation amount is too small - together we're stronger and our little acts of kindness have a greater ripple.

Please also use this page if you'd like to plant a tree to remember a loved one. Please share with us who you're thinking of and we will stand with you as you commemorate them. There has been so much loss and heartache this last year - reach out and lean in and plant trees.

Much love, Nic, George, Euan and Luca x x x x

ps. I've just realised the minimum donation via the fundraising page is £5.00 so feel free to Bacs me any amount less than that and I'll add it to my donation for Euan's birthday which is also under £5!

Honour Roll

“So grateful for donations from Dad (12 trees), Garry (25 trees), Jo (7 trees), Bren (5 trees) and Wendy 1 tree x”


Nic Moorey
Feb 12, 2021

“Happy Birthday Nic x”


Bridget McCutcheon
Feb 6, 2021

“with love to you and to the planet we share xx”


Sylvia Hathaway
Feb 6, 2021

“Happy birthday Sis”


Jimmy Hayward
Feb 6, 2021

“Euan and Nic's birthday trees”


Nic Moorey
Feb 5, 2021

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Moorey birthday trees 2021

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Nic Moorey


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