Oppo Brothers' Project Tree60

Oppo Brothers' Project Tree60

At Oppo Brothers, our mission is to make the world feel good.

A core part of this is our commitment to behaving in a sustainable way. As a small, family-run ice cream business, we do make a conscious effort to minimise our impact on the environment and empower the people involved in our business.

One of our key green priorities is to reduce our environmental impact and carbon emissions. To tackle this, we are working on a sustainability initiative we call Project Tree60.

Tree planting and reforestation are fundamental to the survival of the planet and it’s also the most immediate way that Oppo can make a genuine difference to our carbon footprint. We’re therefore setting a goal - to plant 60,000 trees by the end of 2023 in the Oppo Feel Good Forest. The Oppo Feel Good Forest is a virtual forest made up of tree planting and reforestation projects that we will either fully own and implement or help to fund.


The amount of CO2 a tree will offset depends on many factors, such as the type of tree, where it is planted and the amount of room it has to grow. On average, one broad leaf tree will absorb in the region of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide during its full life-time (approximately 100 years). On top of all the other ways we've built sustainability into our business, the planting of 60,000 trees will therefore have a significant impact on offsetting our carbon footprint.


We will achieve our goal in two ways:

Direct planting

* Embedding restoration into our business by partnering with TreeSisters to actively reforest

* Planting trees ourselves as a team

* Encouraging our customers to plant trees too

Indirect planting 

* Working with suppliers and manufacturers that reforest as part of their sustainability strategy.

To help contribute towards our goal to plant 60,000 trees and measure our progress, we are opening up this fundraiser.

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