Painting for Trees

Painting for Trees

We need more trees to stop the climate crisis!

Last year I raised $2,325 with the goal to raise $2020 for the year 2020. I want to raise even more this year...

Shocked by the fires in Australia and I really feel an urgent need to do something about #climateChange. I lived in Australia for 5 years and I love its wildness and the abundance of nature there. Even in a city like Sydney you can find empty beaches and poisonous snakes and spiders in your backyard. We lived near Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour and the tropical forests around there are just so beautiful.

I love trees and I have been part of Clare Dubois TreeSisters movement for years. She started very small and humbly with a regular online meditation circle, deepening our relationship with mother nature. And it was through her that I found a lot of information on trees and their high effectiveness and importance to stop climate change. You can read more about this also in this article on CNN.

According to CNN from April 17, 2019

The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant 1 trillion trees.

This seems daunting until seen from a larger perspective. There are now around 7.53 billion people on earth and to plant 1.2 Trillion trees each would have to plant 160 trees. That doesn’t seem such a huge number anymore. Now considering that not all of us will be able to do that I am going to amp this up and start with 2020 trees for 2020, exceed that and have a new goal in 2021.

To get the most impact planting them it seems highly impractical for me to start this in my backyard and plant them all myself. I can hardly keep my garden alive without it being eaten by gophers and deer. So I am leaving that to the professionals. What I CAN do is paint - paint trees - and thru painting - raise money to plant trees.

So here is my pledge for the year 2021: I am going to raise enough money to plant at least 2021 trees this year.

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