Honouring Michael Fundraiser

In Memory of my late husband Michael LeClair we are growing a forest.

Michael’s favourite thing to do was to work with nature. To gather seeds, to plant and to nourish these seeds.

To honour his life and to continue with his work I’ve created this fundraiser to grow trees and communities.

Forever in my heart,

I thank you for joining me in this honouring.

Honour Roll

“thinking of you and how you would be planting your seeds”


Trisha Clarkin
Apr 25, 2020
Prince Edward Island, Canada


Apr 22, 2020
Indiana, United States


kathleen haerr
Dec 9, 2019
Illinois, United States

“with love...”


Yeuk Yi Pang
Nov 29, 2019
Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Jane Merriam
Nov 16, 2019
Ontario, Canada


Merrilee Baker
Nov 15, 2019
Western Australia, Australia



Karen Jackson
Nov 15, 2019

“Much love to you Triish, your Michael, and the trees your love will grow!”


Laurie Shade-Neff
Nov 15, 2019
New Mexico, United States

“Sending love!”


Christine Boschen
Nov 15, 2019
California, United States


john mills
Nov 14, 2019
North Carolina, United States

“Beautiful way the honor Michael & his love for nature.”


Linea Stewart
Nov 13, 2019
California, United States

“forever in my heart”


Trisha Clarkin
Sep 11, 2019
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Honouring Michael Fundraiser

12 donors
162 days left

Patricia Clarkin
Prince Edward Island, Canada


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