Pens of the Earth Fundraiser

Pens of the Earth Fundraiser

Pens of the Earth are fundraising in aid of TreeSisters. Please help us to plant 2,000 trees by March 2021.

Pens of the Earth was launched in July 2019 to help fight climate change with words. It’s a not-for-profit project which encourages Portsmouth writers to celebrate local environmental projects – bringing a message of hope and empowerment through imagined encounters and events; increasing awareness of our surroundings, our connections, and our ability to effect change.

While researching our recent ‘Planting Portsmouth’ theme (involving tree wardens, community orchards and the ‘Wilder Portsmouth’ campaign) we discovered TreeSisters. We loved their ethos and their effectiveness. Reforestation is an essential part of combating climate change.

Donations to this fundraising page will fund the planting of trees across the tropics in locations such as Madagascar, Mozambique, India, Nepal, Brazil, Kenya, and Cameroon.

As thanks for your donation we would like to share our stories and articles with you. We hope you enjoy them. We have a talented bunch of writers, some of them award-winning.

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Mar 26, 2020


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Mar 11, 2020


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