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I don’t know about you but the pandemic has a tendency to make me feel like my choices are reduced. Why is that? I can’t go out and visit family or friends, I can’t go to art galleries or the theatre. Lots of “I can’t”.

I need to change my outlook and look at what I can do. What I can do is have the utmost respect for Mother Nature and how much abundance she gives freely when left to flourish. Sadly there are loggers etc BUT I’m not available for more doom and gloom. I’m doing what I can.... creating a fundraiser for the restoration of forest.

The forests of the world are our source of oxygen as well as locking down carbon from the atmosphere and the more there are the bigger the positive contribution to slowing and reversing climate change. You’ll be helping our whole, entire current and future ecosystem 🌳

Did you know that by donating you’ll also be;

  • helping to save Jaguars in Brazil 🐆?
  • helping to lift local people in Madagascar out of slavery 🇲🇬?
  • Helping to provide a home for critically endangered Cross River Gorillas 🦍?

Did you know that just 40p not only pays for a tree 🌱 to be planted but that if it gets eaten by crabs or other wildlife and dies, that 40p will also fund a replacement tree 🌱 as well providing education and employment to local people?

Please. If you can donate 40p that will be fantastic and if you can spare a little more it will be taking a stand! Not only for helping Mother Nature to rebalance but also against all the I can’t’s there are at the present time of lockdown to I can ✊🏻 I can take positive action to help, I can make a difference, I can contribute to stop slavery, I can halve a positive impact for endangered animals... all for 40p or multiples of 40p.

if you can’t donate at this time of financial instability I totally understand. No judgement. Perhaps your “I can” can be to share the fundraiser with your friends and family 🙏🏼

We all have a choice. I hope you choose to help with the fundraiser either by giving or sharing the information with your friends and family.

Thank you 🙏🏼 🌳

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Dec 1, 2020

“Happy BIG birthday to one special lady!”


Karen Hutton
Nov 9, 2020


Nov 7, 2020

Rachael Halliday's Fundraiser

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