React Green's Fundraiser

React Green's Fundraiser

The React Green vision is to plant a magnificent forest of trees. Not a single location but a forest of a million trees planted around the world where trees are needed most urgently - to reclaim endangered rainforest, prevent flooding or soil erosion, protect natural habitats, support local communities in some of the poorest countries in the world, and empower women in the workplace. The charity funds tropical reforestation projects globally with a focus on initiatives either run by women or supporting women around the world (but already increasing men participation).

We are a family owned business and microgreens and sprouts are our world. We are really passionate about healthy food and food that is empowering us. The same we feel with the trees. If we don’t start putting more focus also on reforestation, our future will not be so bright. So join our movement and plan a tree with us, so that we can plant a big forest with you.

We want to plant forest in collaboration with the UK charity TreeSisters, with the aim of planting one million trees to combat climate change.

#plantatree #treesisters

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Saša Kržič
Dec 10, 2020
005, SI

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