Resourced Rachael

Resourced Rachael

You're in the right place to show your appreciation for what you feel you have received. There are many charities I could have chosen and if you would prefer to give to a different charity, whether monetarily or by donating your time or expertise is up to you and we can speak about that if you'd like.

The amount you donate is entirely up to you and your personal circumstances. I recognise that everyone doesn't have access to the same amount of funds and in the same way I don't have the energy to work in a traditional way, helping others is something I can do a little of and I know that those I've helped have in the past asked me about payment.

I believe it is absolutely right and good to express gratitude when we have received things and you'll be able to speak with me about ideas if you do not have the finances to be able to reciprocate, or have limited funds and would like to partly 'pay it forward' in other ways.

Amongst my peers on average a 1 hour Subconscious Transformation Session is about £111 and £1111 for a Transformation Day.

Locally, for a 60 minute Reiki treatment the price is £80.

I suggest that if you feel you would like to bring in reciprocity for what is a free Weleda skincare or wellness consultation with me, you might like to give me £1.50 so I can add that to contribute to the Weleda Plant a Million Trees Forest Campaign or if you make a purchase add 3 trees to your purchase.

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Feb 1, 2022


Dec 28, 2021

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