RIE Solutions Forest

RIE Solutions Forest

RIE Solutions was established as part of a much bigger vision, inspired by ‘leaving the world a better place than we found it’. For this reason, we are doing our bit by planting trees every month via the wonderful Tree Sisters organisation. This is our pledge:

🌴 5 trees for every Lightning Session that I deliver. 

🌴 3 trees every month for each member of the Master Practitioners Club.

🌴 10 trees every month for each of my Practice Management Guardianship subscriptions.

Tree Sisters have a thoroughly vetted and trustworthy portfolio of diverse and long-term reforestation projects that my trees will be contributed to. Not only do they plant trees, but also rebuild ecosystems and communities. Find out more about them: https://treesisters.org/

By working with us, you will be planting a forest.

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Dominika Sieradzka
Jun 3, 2020


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