Sacred Beauty's Forest

Sacred Beauty's Forest

This is Sacred Beauty. I had the honour and pleasure of submitting her name and having it being chosen out of hundreds if not thousands of entries. She was part of a stable series owned by My Racehorse that allows people like me, with a deep passion for the classics like the Triple Crown, a chance to own a tenth of a percent in thoroughbreds with pedigrees of all time champions and well know trainers. (Last year's Kentucky Derby Winner Authentic is one of their horses!)

I purchased a stable share of about a dozen horses at the start of the year. The horses were unnamed at the time and they called for the owners to submit names from which the top 5 would then be put to vote by all owners. This little lady is the daughter of Consecrate. So I had to put Sacred in her name and then with all the beauty I see in the world it really was a name born of my passion for the Sacred Beauty that is in Nature and our Earth.

I was delighted that my name choice made it to the top 5 and I held the intention that she could come into being. And she did! My name choice was voted for her and with that honor I have pledged she will grow her own forest through TreeSisters tropical reforestation with every race she runs!

Here is to a long and healthy life and the many trees and people her racing legacy will touch and heal all through her Sacred Beauty!

This lovely photo provided by the people at My Racehorse with their permission to share her here as well as their name. Thank you!

Honour Roll

“Sacred Beauty's second race at Golden Gate, finished 4th but closing in strong!”


Terra Canova
Oct 23, 2021
Virginia, US

“This is for her Maiden race!”


Terra Testing
Aug 12, 2021
Virginia, US

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Terra Canova
Virginia, United States


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