SOL528 Global Reforestation

SOL528 Global Reforestation

TAKE THE PLEDGE! Move BEYOND the Click and connect like trees do! It will require a movement to create the change we need to see happen to our planet in order to survive...I am dedicated to the environment because I do not see its health and wellness separate from my own. We need to form a reforestation network and reach out to one another by PLEDGING to enroll 10 people to donate to TREE SISTERS. Why TREE SISTERS? They work globally to form an international reforestation movement and they empower women to seed the change. Headed by friend Clare DuBois she has committed her life to pumping more oxygen into our atmosphere through the planting of fast growing tropical trees. I am not supporting her I am joining her and I am inspired to form my own network of pledgers to reach our goal of $1M which would plant over 31,000,000 trees all over the world! Connect with as many people as you can and enroll them in this movement to save our planet and ourselves...there is no more time to remain casual...together we will restore the only home we have ever known!

All donations go directly to TREE SISTERS WEBSITE! This is a fundraising page linked to TREE SISTERS! THANK YOU FOR JOINING THE MOVEMENT!

Honour Roll


Spryte Loriano
Oct 18, 2019
Texas, United States


Oct 16, 2019
California, United States


Jacqueline Hadden
Oct 14, 2019
California, United States

“Thank you for galvanizing this effort Aaron!”


Marcy Cole
Oct 14, 2019
California, United States

“Connecting like the trees...”


Susan Jenkins
Oct 4, 2019
Maine, United States


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Science of Love 528
Colorado, United States


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