Star Tree Press' Fundraiser

Star Tree Press' Fundraiser

For every book sold for my middle-grade environmental fantasy Wind, a tree will be planted.

Wind is a page flipper that begins when, stressed by troubles at home and school, an earthquake tumbles Katie onto another world. Her only chance to get home is to cooperate with an arrogant alien boy, Za, on a dangerous initiation quest. During their adventures, they meet a colorful cast of characters including a shape-shifting tree spirit, baby dragon who doesn't know what to eat, story-loving water god, nature devas, and the dreaded Poison One. Will Katie ever be able to grow into her talent of listening to trees and animals enough to find the elusive Winged Ones -- the only beings capable of taking them home?

Rife with scientific facts about the intelligence of trees, spiced with mythology as well as bits of Mexican and Irish culture, and full of heart as Katie learns to both forgive herself for past behavior she now regrets, and also learns the importance of finding similarities -- even with someone as alien and different as Za -- so they can work together to solve their problems. 

Wind has been described as "Greta Thurnberg meets The Wizard of Oz", and called a "spring walk in the park, like Narnia".

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