Suzanne Halstead's Fundraiser

Suzanne Halstead's Fundraiser

"Women in Nature" are collages I've created with a variety of images from magazines, advertisements, calendars, greeting cards and even junk mail. Every one is unique. All of them visually immerses the feminine within elements of our Earth in imaginative ways.

As an artist, this if a way to give back to the Trees by offering these collages to you for a suggested minimum donation of $10 each. You may always give more, of course!

There are 25 to choose from and range in size 5"x 5" to 6" x 8" are adhered to a mat board and in a protective plastic sleeve. Once you donate to Tree Sisters, please write your name and email in the comments section and I will email you the selection of available collages from which to choose. Thank you!

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Suzanne Halstead
Ohio, United States


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