Tiina Svensk's Fundraiser

Tiina Svensk's Fundraiser

Hey you,

This year I want to give back to Mother Earth and donate a share of my yoga class income to support forest restoration and female empowerment. All you have to do is join my weekly classes, and you're already contributing to this project.

Kindness and curiosity are core values in my yoga teaching and these values inspired me to create this project. I encourage everyone to embrace and embody these attributes by acting from a place of kindness and curiosity in life. That's why I invite you to take part of this project. 

If you want to do humanitarian work, protect endangered ecosystems and animal species and fight climate change, plant trees with me.

I have no idea how many people will join me during 2020, but I'm curious to see how big of an impact we can have as we come together as a community. Things will not change unless we change, so let's make it happen.

So c'mon loves, let's answer to our Mama’s call, step up our game and plant some trees.



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