Tribe Sisters for Tree Sisters

Tribe Sisters for Tree Sisters

We Come from Earth and to Earth We Shall Return. Mother Earth is Who Births Us. In the Web of Our Physical Existence, we are One with Her. One with all Human Beings, With All Creatures, Both Animals and Plants. Everything in The Universe is Alive Because of Her Unconditional Love. We Often Take Her for Granted, and She Keeps on Giving. Very Much like the Story of The Giving Tree. Trees are Her Children, as are We. Without Them, We Cannot Be Here. Without Trees We Cannot Breathe, We Cannot Eat, We Cannot Thrive or Much Less Survive. Mother Earth is Suffering for How We Treat Each other, for how We treat the animals, for How we overfish her Oceans, for How We Poison Her Grounds, Her Water Sources: Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Ponds. For How We treat and Damage the Animals we eat. For how we treat everything with disdain.

As Human Beings , We Think We Are Superior. We don't appreciate Her Bounty or Her Unconditional Love.

It's Time to do our share to turn this tide around, to change this destructive trend, to change our path.

We Believe that Love is The Ultimate Sacrifice. We Believe that Strength Comes in Unity. We Believe We All Can Do Something in order to leave the world better than how we found it.

If You Believe The Same, Please Help Us Reach Or Surpass This Goal.

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Galit Shezifi
May 2, 2020
California, United States


Ileana Katzenelson
Feb 17, 2020
California, United States


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Ileana Katzenelson
California, United States


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